Our Mission

Waring Architects seeks to provide state-of-the-art professional services to its clients while creating places of enduring beauty and value. We specialize in New Construction, Renovation, and Historic Renovation of Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Ecclesiastical, and Healthcare projects in Southern Louisiana and the Gulf Region. We are also experts in Interior Design, Planning, Tax Credit Consulting, and Real Estate Consulting.  We intend to continue in a clear recognition of the importance of architecture to all individuals regardless of economic status and to the community at-large.  With that in mind, we are committed to dedicating a portion of our resources and efforts to community preservation, historic restoration, adaptive reuse and low-income housing. Furthermore, this company is defined by our individual determination to intelligently and proactively conduct all activities, business and personal, internal and external, with professionalism, honor, integrity, a sense of humor, warmth and kindness.

Our Story


Waring Architects, LLC is a full-service small architecture firm, founded on July 31, 1994 and based in the historic city of New Orleans, Louisiana. We have broad experience in a complete range of residential and commercial project types. We are equally comfortable with renovations and new construction and our huge range of work speaks for itself. We are actively professionally licensed in Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina, Mississippi and Colorado and we carry an international reciprocity certification with the National Council of Architecture Registration Boards in Washington, DC.

We view every commission as a serious real estate investment vehicle; we believe that what we do should add true extrinsic value immediately to these buildings. We are absolutely committed to communication and client service. I frequently tell my clients and administrative and production team that, “with adequate communication, we can do anything…without it, we cannot do anything right!”

Our Experience

Our residential projects cover a complete range from small kitchen and bath restorations to complex additions, full makeovers and multimillion dollar custom luxury homes. Our commercial projects include office buildings, restaurants, bars, prototype clinics, light-industrial projects, stores, apartment complexes, hospitals and manufacturing facilities. We have experience in every classical and contemporary style of architecture.

By virtue of the city in which we are based, New Orleans, we have hands-on experience with over 300 years of architectural construction techniques and understand thoroughly how to utilize the latest in technology to preserve and restore these structures. We’re classically trained and have won awards for our historic preservation work. We have decades of work experience in the historic Vieux Carre (French Quarter) of New Orleans.

We lead the field in cutting edge technical and prototypical work. We recently specified and supervised the installation of the first residential wind turbine electrical generators ever installed in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi on a prototypical project on the wind-blasted Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain.

We are adept at regulatory issue resolution and have experience with every sort of zoning appeal, restrictive covenant, life safety code and regulatory appeal process. We’re also comfortable with handicap accessibility design; we currently serve as consultants to the Louisiana Handicap Advocacy Center.

We’re hopelessly in love with the timeless Jazz that is the City of New Orleans. We are “specialists at being generalists.” Our intense passion, our art and poetry and craft, our deliberately intimate search for understanding of our clients, our deep commitment to service, our hope and belief in the infinite potential of what can be brought into existence and our broadly diverse range of work all ultimately inform every project we undertake.

Call us and talk to us.