927 Toulouse – Avegno Mansion

The Avegno Mansion is also known as the Madam X Mansion because the house is said to have been the childhood home of Virginie Avegno, later known as Mrs. Pierre Gautreau, or the “Madame X” painted by American artist John Singer Sargent.  In 1883, Sargent painted her wearing a dramatic black dress which had to be modified to be more decent before it was allowed to be exhibited.  Regardless, Sargent had to move to London from the ensuing scandal.  The house is located in the heart of the French Quarter a block and half from Bourbon Street.  Built in 1825, it was divided into five rental units and features an incredibly large courtyard.  Previous additions and work were inconsistent with the historic nature of the house and the new owner wanted to divide one rental unit into two while preserving the aesthetic of the interior.  The rear balcony was completely reworked and many of the units were remodeled.  Additionally, the dormers on the roof were rebuilt so that they were historically accurate.