320 Mound Avenue

This house was designed by us for a client who had fond childhood memories of playing at their aunt’s house on the site.  The house that they played in was utterly destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and this house was rebuilt as both an homage to the family memories, but also as a departure from the original house, the memories of which were too painful.  We deliberately chose a comforting New Orleans vernacular aesthetic, Arts & Crafts bungalow cottage as a formgiver, and designed the house to provide optimal serenity and comfort to the client and help them heal and create new memories for their family.  Every effort was made to focus on a serene interior that combine almost a Zen aesthetic of interior design and to accommodate 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths which is as large a family could reasonably expect to occupy the space.  Every effort was also made to ensure that most particularly the master suite had luxurious accommodations that spared no expense.