219 Millaudon

Waring Architects was commissioned by Butler Callahan Holdings to design a new construction in the Black Pearl neighborhood at the base of Carrollton Avenue.  This three-bedroom, three and a half bathroom house has a large open living space and a beautiful master suite that both overlook the back yard.  By placing a bedroom with an en suite bathroom on the first floor at the front of the house, the design allows for an off-street parking space in a very narrow lot and provides a bedroom for the owners as they age.  This front bedroom has a small porch that is designed to match the typical styles of the houses in the neighborhood.  The rest of the first floor is entirely open, which is made possible by using laminated beams so no columns are necessary to support the second floor.  We absolutely love this design because the large living space will be conducive to entertaining, as it opens through two French doors to a large covered porch that descends to the back yard.